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Switching Mediterranean Consumers to Mediterranean Sustainable Healthy Dietary Patterns

SWITCHtoHEALTHY explained in 3 minutes

The SWITCHtoHEALTHY project will generate a dietary behaviour change in the direction of a greater adherence to the Mediterranean food model

data collection

Data collection

understanding the barriers, drivers, motivations, and food behaviours that prevent or hinder citizens from adhering to Med-based long-lasting eating habits

data collection

Digital & educational tools

formulating innovative snacking products with improved nutritional value, sustainability, ease of consumption, taste; developing digital, educational, and gaming tools adapted to the different family environments to increase awareness on the positive impact of food choices on health

data collection

Hands on validation

engaging families in three target countries (Spain, Turkey, Morocco). The project implements a multicentric and multi-social family-based nutritional intervention across 300 families in three Mediterranean countries for 3 months.

data collection

Result uptake - policy

Communication and awareness actions, Design of guidelines for policymakers, Market analysis, business modelling and marketing strategies, Exploitation plans and replication strategies in order to foster new business models and promote eating habits consistent with the Mediterranean diet

Latest news

news 19

Project presentation at Belgrade University

19th March 2023

March 17th 2023: project presentation at Belgrade University

news 26

Workshop in Navarra (ES)

23th march 2023

Navarra (Spain) - Workshop on the Eco-design methodology guide

news 1

Pamplona (ES)

28-29th March 2023

Eco-design methodology at “Science Ekaitza”, PAMPLONA (Spain)

news 1

Observatory of the Mediterranean Diet

30th March2023

Project SWITCHTOHEALTHY has just established the Permanent Observatory of Mediterranean Diet

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